Mary Vail, MBA Publicist


"The Philanthropic Publicist (TM)"

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Forward by Robin Leach

Philanthropist | TV Personality | Celebrity Blogger

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The book exposes Vail’s passion for philanthropy and details events and circumstances in her life that influenced her commitment. Her vision was to create humanitarian impacts within the community wherever she lived. What’s Your Philanthropic Footprint? explains how she guided her clients to become viable stewards of their community.


Vail has over 30 years’ experience in guiding individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations in developing sustainable stewardship initiatives.  She conveys how individuals of any age, of any lifestyle, can become agents of change. She also provides anecdotes as well as inspirational messages from individuals from a variety of sectors.  Read their stories on how philanthropy has influenced their lives. Learn about their Philanthropic Footprint!


The book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to indulge themselves, family, clients, company or stakeholders in responsible community activism. From public relations professionals to non-profit leaders, and from corporate executives to media types, this book provides exceptional examples of how to engage others in supporting causes and how to create positive impacts. 


What’s Your Philanthropic Footprint?  is a guide to assist one in optimizing potential for effective philanthropy, while creating notable Philanthropic Footprints.